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Pierre Hermé vs Ladurée. Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard that one before. It’s the battle of the macaron; and everyone has something to say about which they prefer. For me, it’s Pierre Hermé only; no argument. Every trip to Paris is not complete until I head down to the PH boutique and wipe out the place, as well as bleed the bank dry. No joke here, it’s a pilgrimage for all Paris-bound trips. If I dared return home empty-handed, I wasn’t welcomed (anywhere). Tough is life.

Best darn cookie I've ever tasted

But anyway, we’re not here to talk about macarons. Let’s talk about cookies, and by far the best effin’ cookie I’ve ever tasted in my life – Laura Todd. See, I didn’t go to Paris to eat cookies. I knew a pain au chocolat was a given and so was macarons, cookies on the other hand, nadda.

I came about Laura Todd by chance. I had gone to Le Marais with a friend for dinner and we wandered around till we were in Halles and she took me on a detour to this little cookie stand. By then it was evening time and the variety of cookies left were dismal, but I’m easy to please, so a simple milk chocolate one did the trick. I also bought an extra one for a fellow journo/friend of mine to sweeten her evening.

When I got back to my hotel, I helped myself to the cookie and at first taste, I went “Dammit, why didn’t I buy more? This is sooooo yums.” I honestly contemplated eating the other cookie meant for my friend, but I resisted somehow (not sure how I manage it, I’m a chocolate freak). Also, it hadn’t occur to me to remember the brand name or where I bought the cookie from. I simply assumed that it’d come to me and I’d be able to locate it when the craving hits.

The next day, I passed the cookie to my friend and while we were in Angelina’s, she took it out of her bag and a waitress walking by came over and gasped in her heavily-accented English, “This is the best cookie ever! I love it, it’s amazing.” Next thing, everyone present at our lunch party abandoned their yummy Angelina desserts and all eyes were on the one half-eaten cookie wrapped in white pastry paper. We all demanded the waitress repeat the brand ‘LAURA TODD’ until it was seared onto our brains, and she also kindly gave one of us directions on where to get them. Yeah, shame on me for not remembering from the get go. My only excuse is that I’m a tourist/stranger in Paris.

There, that’s how the affair with the infamous cookie began. Seriously this is the best, best thing ever. Freshly baked, chewy dough, chocolate chips that melt in your mouth. Mmmmmm, I’m salivating just writing about this. The next time you’re in Paris, you have to drop by Laura Todd and make a habit of it. You can even buy me a couple, they last longer than macarons anyway!




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